Friday, April 10, 2009

Stranger: im 29 -just disconnect me now if im too old! lol
You: no, im down wit dat
You: name?
Stranger: andy - u?
You: masha, masha tyenla
Stranger: where you from?
You: *tyelna
You: lol, i drunk and can't spell name
You: i'm from ukraine
You: you?
Stranger: hahaQ
Stranger: im from Cayman islands now but from UK
You: ohh, i like my men with flavor
You: you interested in looks?
Stranger: so how drunk are you?
You: you can google me, i'm a model
You: i'm skinny so my liver take long time to detoxify
Stranger: should i be impressed?
You: you don't want to talk :(?
You: there are just people that don't like skinny girls
You: sorry if i offend
Stranger: if your the same person you should instantly be able to tell me your hip size?
You: 34
You: why you ask?

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